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Recent Developments

12 Aug. 2007 - We now have a domain name. We migrated from a GeoCities free web service to our own domain,, being hosted by MD Web Hosting (

1 Jan. 2007 - LazyDog Creations is now a fully registered business in Australia. This registration allows us to grow to our full potential (and to not just operate as a hobby business as we have done in the past). We should soon have our own web domain, which will give us a centralised location for web creations.

24 Aug. 2006 - We've acquired our first grant!!! We've acquired a UniQuest Trailblazer grant for the development of superconducting polymers. We hope that this is the start of a productive period in the development of new and innovative materials.

Publications and Developments by LazyDog Creations

  •   Probing Chemical, Structural and Electrical Conductivity Changes in Ion Implanted Polyetheretherketone, PhD Thesis, May 2006
  •   Refurbished thermal evaporator (2003)
  •   Electrometer interface, Computer interfacing program utilising LabView (2000)
  •   Developed tin/polymer blended material (1999)
  •   Dectak interface, Computer interfacing program utilising LabView (1999)
  •   Instrumentation for the Study of Tantalum Diffusion Barriers Between Silicon Substrates and Copper Films, Master's Thesis, December 1998
  •   Tavenner's Page at Geocities (1998), Tripod (2001), UQ's Physics Dept. web site (2002) and now at LazyDog Creations (2007)
  •   Spectrometer interface, Computer interfacing program utilising Visual Basic (1997) (First work of LazyDog Creations, called at that time Lazy Dog Publications)


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