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A business in the business of creating...

Our Mission

Our mission is provide excellence in the areas of:

  •  Creative Writing
  •  Technical Writing
  •  Computer Programming
  •  Materials Development
  •  Device Design

Company Profile

LazyDog Creations is the brainchild of Eric Tavenner, born out of his desire to develop ideas, materials and devices under one banner.

Even though LazyDog has just recently became a registered business in Australia, it has been operating as a creative entity for over a decade. With its incarnation in 1992, during a hot, lazy afternoon in rural Missouri, its goal has been consistent - to create. From the first computer program under its banner to the recent work in conducting polymers, LazyDog strives for this goal.

Staff Profiles

Eric Tavenner

   Dr. Tavenner has recently acquired his PhD in the field of condensed matter physics. His main research goals for this task was the characterisation of ion implanted and ion beam mixed polymers. Prior to this he acquired a Master's degree in materials science through researching the production of and characterisation of thin films for barriers between copper and silicon. Even before this he attained a Bachelor of Science in physics where he worked on two senior research projects: the construction of a scanning tunnelling microscope and the development of a solar spectrometer system.
   He has acquired extensive experience in the area of thin film processing and modification, and in the characterisation of these films. In addition, he has been active in the development of polymer based materials, two of which are currently under study.

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+61 410 475 447
Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia
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Executive Manager
Dr. Eric Tavenner
+61 410 475 447


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